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UCLA Basketball Coaching Search

News, notes and all details covering the search of next UCLA basketball coach to replace Steve Alford.

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UCLA Head Basketball Coach Kobe Bryant?

An LA reporter offers up the idea of Kobe Bryant as the next head basketball coach at UCLA. Crazy talk, or is he on to something?

Eye on the Next Bruin Coach

Nearly a year into the Lost Years for UCLA Basketball, we look at potential replacements to lead us out of the darkness.

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Stuck in the Alford Hell

A refresher on Steve Alford's obscene contract with UCLA, making a mediocre loser the highest paid basketball coach in the Pac-12 conference.

Even Trojans Bypass a Coaching Candidate Over Rape

Reports indicate that Southern Cal recently passed on a candidate for the head coach of it’s football program due to a rape case – different from how Dan Guerrero handled the hiring process for UCLA’s basketball program.

Guerrero & LA Times: Clueless Re UCLA B-Ball

Los Angeles Times report exposes how it's UCLA beat reporter and Dan Guerrero remain utterly clueless about the Bruin basketball program.

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What Might Have Been

What might have been if UCLA had a competent AD who hired a legitimate basketball coach.

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"Stupid, uninformed and insensitive to women"?

Does Alford hire show that Dan Guerrero is someone who is "a combination of stupid, uninformed and insensitive to women"? A nationally columnist calls him out as such

This stream has:

Gene and Dan Under Fire Over Alford

Coverage of blockbuster reporter of UCLA professors, officials and former Wooden players calling out Gene Block & Dan Guerrero for hiring an (alleged) rape apologist.

"Shameful Situation": OCR Exposes Block and Dan

UCLA Professors and Faculty Call Out Gene Block & Dan Guerrero For hiring an (alleged) rape apologist.

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Inside the Alford-Guerrero Debacle

Could there be anything more damming: "Alford’s continued insistence that he was following university instructions in defending Pierce was repeatedly contradicted by police reports, court documents, university reports and interviews with prosecutors, law enforcement and university officials involved in the matter, further raising questions about Alford’s honesty and whether Guerrero was negligent in hiring a man he agreed to pay $18.2 million over the next seven seasons." Seriously, how does Block and Guerrero still have their jobs!?!?

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Dan, your own history proves you wrong

UCLA Dan Guerrero's comments on UCLA basketball earlier this week are unforgivable.

Bombshell: Guerrero Publicly Trashes UCLA Hoops

The worst athletic director in America – UCLA’s Dan Guerrero – makes more excuses for his incompetence by publicly trashing Bruin basketball program.

Steve Alford's Unprecedented Buyout Clause

Dan Guererro gave Steve Alford a massive buyout clause in his UCLA contract; unprecedented in UCLA coaching history and significant even in the wider collegiate universe.

More Thoughts on Alford’s Obscene Contract

More thoughts on the details of Steve Alford’s obscene contract which locks UCLA into a monster buyout obligation for a failed head coach from the Big-10 conference.

BUSTED? Did Chianti Mislead on Alford's Buyout?

With the LA Times finally able to get their hands on Alford's contract, the publication of it highlights not only the insanely generous terms for Alford, but also a reportedly contradictory (and perhaps misleading) statement from Chianti Dan.

Numbers on Chianti’s Stevens Screw-up

Brad Stevens’ contact numbers in Boston further shed light on UCLA’s athletic director’s surreal incompetence.

Stevens to Boston: Possible Replay of UCLA-Pitino?

Brad Stevens is headed to Boston Celtics. Will UCLA get another shot at the new Celtics coach like they did last time Celtics hired a coaching super star from the college ranks - Rick Pitino?

Man Utd Shows UCLA How to Find a Coach

If UCLA had the leadership of Manchester United, things would be very different in Westwood: the Bruins would finally be able to put together a professional, efficient coaching search that landed a coach without major questions marks in his past.

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Chianti's Joke Search: UCLA Eyed Alford for Weeks?

While information was being floated about UCLA looking to hire one of three elite coaches, reportedly Alford was being tracked by UCLA for weeks.

BN Round Table on the Steve Alford Hiring Process

The BN Frontpagers get together to discuss the process in which Steve Alford became the new coach of the UCLA Men's basketball team.

Alford's Westwood Presser Open Thread: Questions

Questions Dan Guerrero and Steve Alford should answer about the hiring process, expectations for UCLA basketball.

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A member of the BruinsNation community laments the total lack of leadership by Dan Guerrero which has resulted in what appears to be a tainted hire sullying the legacy of UCLA basketball program.

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The inevitable Hitler/UCLA/Alford parody

You knew this was just a matter of time. GO BRUINS.

BREAKING: Dan Guerrero Contract Not Renewed!

Following the coaching search debacle that brought Steve Alford to Westwood as Ben Howland's replacement, Chancellor Gene Block announced this morning that Dan Guerrero would not be retained as UCLA's athletic director.

10 Good & Bad Things on the Alford Hiring

Current players are winners, UCLA AD is a loser.

Guerrero's Ridiculous Spin on the Hiring Process

UCLA’s incompetent athletic director’s ridiculous spin during the introductory presser for Steve Alford fails basic smell test.

Twitter Reactions to Alford as the New Coach

See how the Twittersphere exploded when Aflord was announced.

Bungled Chianti Dan Search Results in Alford

Now that Chianti Dan, after bumbling through another head coaching search has made it official by announcing Steve Alford as UCLA's new hoops coach, we take a look at the process and Alford's career by the numbers.

This stream has:

Welcome to Westwood, Steve Alford

A quick, albeit puzzling coaching search has brought Steve Alford to Westwood as UCLA's new head coach.

It's official: Steve Alford hired

It's official: Steve Alford is the new UCLA head coach.

CBS reports it's Steve Alford. Seriously

CBS Sports is reporting that UCLA has hired Steve Alford. Yes, that Steve Alford.

Did Guerrero Have a SMART Strategy?

Based on the reports it appears UCLA never put on a full court press in pursuit of Coach Shaka Smart. Why?