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UCLA Basketball Coaching Search

News, notes and all details covering the search of next UCLA basketball coach to replace Steve Alford.

Madness Open Thread: Brad Stevens Stays at Butler

Several media outlets, including the Indianapolis Star have reported that Brad Stevens has turned down an offer to become UCLA's next basketball coach, deciding to remain at Butler.

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Focusing on Brad Stevens

Several media reports confirm that Butler head coach Brad Stevens is the top choice to replace Ben Howland as head coach at UCLA, though his particular thought process and even his current physical location is not as clear.

Notes: Stevens Playing Close to the Vest

Several media reports confirm that Butler head coach Brad Stevens is the top choice to replace Ben Howland as head coach at UCLA, though his particular thought process and even his current physical location is not as clear.

FoxSports: Brad Stevens is in Westwood

FoxSports Jon Crispin (a former Bruin) reports that Brad Stevens in in Westwood, reportedly working on a deal with UCLA.

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Indy Star: Stevens says "no comments" re his "personal life"

Brad Stevens says "no comment" about his "personal life," to the Indianapolis Star.

A Defining Moment For UCLA Basketball

The national media are saying that UCLA is no longer a top college basketball job. We feel we still are elite. Everyone's about to find out who's right.

Notes: Waiting Is the Hardest Part

News and notes concerning UCLA's ongoing search for Bruins' next basketball coach.

Smart is Staying with VCU, Did UCLA Make an Offer?

VCU coach Shaka Smart reportedly is staying with VCU. The question we have is whether UCLA actually made an offer.

Roundtable: Criterias for Next UCLA Coach

The BN frontpagers discuss which criteria, Ben Howland's successor must fulfill in order to be considered a successful hire.

Notes: Does UCLA Have a Strategy?

News, notes and speculative analysis on UCLA's on going search for a new basketball coach.

Goodbye Ben - Tweets Saying Farewell

UCLA Basketball alums take to Twitter to support their coach.

Pushback Vs. the "Combative Idiocy" in Natl Media

Highlighting a must read article from that debunks a number of myths floating around in the national media that are being used to denigrate the UCLA basketball program and its fans.

Notes: Bruins’ Final-4

Organizing thoughts on the current state of search for UCLA’s next basketball coach.

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NO to Incestual Hires

4 potential "candidates" who shouldn't be on Dan's list.

Special Twitter Edition - The MSM Knows Nothing

Big time media versus reporters that actually cover UCLA on a day to day basis about the firing of Ben Howland.

Bruin Bites: Life After Howland Edition

Thoughts, news and notes – mostly on UCLA basketball – as the Bruins officially part ways with Coach Ben Howland.

Howland Fired: Morgan Center Presser Highlights

Dan Guerrero speaks to the press briefly about letting Ben Howland go.

Brad Stevens: Not John Wooden 2.0

Rumors are floating that Brad Stevens is on UCLA's basketball coach short-list and BN takes a look at one of the less-informed talking points about the Indiana native: that he is John Wooden 2.0.

OFFICIAL: Howland Fired as UCLA's Basketball Coach

After initially denying that Ben Howland had been fired as UCLA's basketball coach, Morgan Center released official word late on Sunday evening that, in fact, Ben Howland has been relieved of his duties as UCLA's head basketball coach.

Brad Stevens Coaches In a Big City

Reports that Butler's Brad Steves might not be a viable choice for UCLA because he's a small town guy might not necessarily be true. Butler is in Indianapolis, the nation's 25th largest television market.

Sunday UCLA Coaching Madness Open Thread

An open thread tracking the indecisive madness inside UCLA's athletic department and the decision to fire or not to fire Ben Howland, as well as the end of the Tournament's first week.

Bomani Jones Tweets the truth about Howland

ESPN Panelist and SB Nation contributor Bomani Jones shares his thoughts via Twitter on Ben Howland and the soon-to be open UCLA Men's Basketball coaching position.

Multiple Media Reports: Howland Already Fired

Multiple media reports indicate that Ben Howland has already been told he's been fired, although there has not been any official confirmation from Chianti Dan or UCLA.

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End of The Road

Tracking breaking news updates and notes concerning the firing of Ben Howland at UCLA.

UCLA to Fire Howland on Sunday?

Tweet from a well tracked recruiting observer indicates that UCLA will fire Ben Howland on Sunday.

Your Move Dan, Pitt Extends Dixon's Contract

Pittsburgh decides to extend the contract of head basketball coach Jamie Dixon, which puts even more pressure on UCLA Athletic Director to make a move re hiring of Bruins' next coach.

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Head Coaching Search Success Stories

Some datapoints on successful head coaching hires in college basketball.

Roundup: Guerrero Better Work Fast

The season is over for the Bruins and Larry, Ben and Shabazz are gone. But now the focus is on Tony and Kyle.

Goodbye Ben Howland

And good luck at Pittsburgh.

Why the National Media Hates UCLA Basketball

A thorough debunking of the baseless, ignorant and uninformed media narrative of current UCLA basketball fanbase - particularly alumni being spoiled beyond belief by the Wooden dynasty, and would not accept anything short of that success again.

Howland Already Planning Exit to Pitt?

As the Bruins get ready to take on Oregon in the Pac-12 title game, rumors continue to swirl that Ben Howland is not only on his way out of Westwood, but is on his way to replace his protege Jaime Dixon at Pitt, with Pitt on his way to Southern Cal.

Brad Stevens & Shaka Smart’s Reverence For UCLA

Despite Ben Howland's mismanagement of UCLA basketball elite young coaches such as Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart view the program that Coach John R. Wooden built with reverence as one of the top 5 programs in the country.