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A Coach Mora Quote on the Dan Patrick Show

Dan Patrick features a quote from UCLA Coach Jim Mora on his show.


A huge HT to Achilles for catching this gem.

The Dan Patrick Show is televised daily from his studio which is full of sport paraphernalia, and an eagle-eyed Achilles caught site of a particular item. When the camera on Dan's left is live, you can see in the background some shirts over the backs of chairs along a bar . I grabbed a screen shot to see what A was talking about.

Check out the white t-shirt to the right of the dark #15 jersey.


If it's hard to make out, here is a close up:


If you are on your mobile and can't enlarge it with good enough resolution to see it, the shirt reads "I couldn't give a rat's ass about USC. Coach Mora"

Where can I get that shirt?