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Make Your Holiday (Bowl) Plans: UCLA Taking on Baylor in San Diego

Ryan Kartje from the OC Register reports:

After finishing second in the Pac 12, just a few mistakes away from a BCS New Year's Day matchup, sources have told the Orange County Register that UCLA will play Baylor in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego on Dec. 27.

The Bruins' postseason fate came down to the Holiday Bowl or the Alamo Bowl, with the conference's runner-up most often appearing in the latter. But with a close connection in San Diego and potentially a better traveling team in Oregon State available, the Alamo Bowl chose the Beavers to face off against Texas, leaving the Bruins to head just one hour south for their bowl matchup. It's the first time that UCLA has ever been in the Holiday Bowl and the first time that the bowl has ever had a team from Southern California.

The game of course is at theQualcomm Stadium. Kickoff is set for Thursday, December 27 at 6:45 PM PST.

Gotta say am pretty excited about this matchup. I always preferred going to the Holiday Bowl over the Alamo.

Baylor (7-5) is going to be a tough matchup as they destroyed Kansas State and beat Oklahoma State. They have an explosive offense averaging 44.1 points per game. However, I think Bruin defense (if we bring it like we did against Arizona, Southern Cal and Stanford in Palo Alto) matches up well against the Bears.

This could be a shoot out and great national show case for Bruin program and huge opportunity to jump start 2013. Let's get it.