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The Media's Brett Hundley Appreciation Society

Fans of the Pac-12 are lucky enough to have a few quality underclassman QB's starting this season. I don't think that I am being much of a homer to think that Brett Hundley is the best of the bunch, and it seems that the national media is coming to the same conclusion.

John Henderson wrote a story for the Denver Post this morning looking at this new pack of quarterbacks, focusing on Brett not just because he is going up against Colorado this weekend, but singling out his skill and week-by-week improvement.

"Every week he seems to be a little bit more comfortable with the things we're asking him to do, with the reads we're asking him to make, with the decisions we're asking him to make," first-year UCLA coach Jim Mora said. "Brett is an excellent leader. He's a big, physical guy with an excellent arm. His timing and his decision making have been very good."

This morning also saw a piece on Hundley go up on's college football page, looking at how he dealt with Rick Neuheisel's dismissal, the long coaching search that led to Mora and Mazzone, and how he is meeting challenges on the field while working hard in the classroom - and the challenge of balancing the two.

In fact, mastering the nuances of the Bruins' new offense and playing against dangerous NCAA defenses aren't even the biggest challenges in the 19-year-old's life right now.

"It is the time management - oh my gosh,'' Hundley said with a shake of his head. "I thought my time management was good at first, but as soon as I (got the) starting quarterback job, it all shot through the roof. You've really got to know how to manage your time, or you're going to get behind so quick. It's way too easy to get behind here.''