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Bruin Football Bites: UCLA’s Talented Roster & Recovering Running Backs

News and notes concerning UCLA football.

Fingers crossed for a fully recovery for no. 25.
Fingers crossed for a fully recovery for no. 25.
Doug Pensinger

Thankfully we have some football notes to keep our minds of hoops. AHMB has been providing us with a nice recruiting reset before we all get ready for the NSD festivities next week. In the meantime there are few nuggets of news and notes concerning UCLA football:

  • Braden Gall had a really interesting write-up on Pac-12's best football rosters on Athlon Sports. He recently ran some numbers comparing national team recruiting rankings to the teams' on field performance since 2008. Not surprisingly Southern Cal and Oregon were at the top. And it's not shocking to see how Oregon State and Stanford turned out to be under-rated even though Stanford started to stockpile some talent in last two years. But what is interesting for us is to see UCLA having the third most talented roster in the conference and yet producing a mediocre 19-26 conference record (30-33 overall) in last 5 seasons.
  • Gall's analysis further strengthens the case we have been building on BN for years about how while the Bruins have had talent (thanks to Rick Neuheisel reviving our recruiting after he came to Westwood) they never lived up to minimum reasonable expectations until this season. Now Mora has a shot to take control next season with perhaps one of the most talented teams in the conference. Hopefully he will take advantage of the window of opportunity next season.
  • Jacob Ruffman from ran into Damien Thigpen on campus: Well that's encouraging news. Bruin offense wasn't exactly the same after Thigpen went down with his injury against Southern Cal. If he can come back in full speed - that will provide a huge boost to Noel Mazzone's offense.
  • Speaking of Bruin running backs, as has been reported in number of outlets MJD has been taking classes at UCLA this quarter. MJD is rehabbing from injury that kept him out most of 2012 season while also taking couple of classes to finish up his degree. Ralph caught up with him last week: MJD in some ways remind me of Reggie Miller. He had a pretty amazing career in college and then went on to become incredibly successful in the pros. It's a bummer that they didn't get to experience championship caliber seasons during their time in Westwood. Still it is awesome to see these guys so loyal and devoted to those four letters.