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The Mora to San Diego Speculation: Not Much to Worry About (For Now), BUT …

Bruin fans shouldn’t worry much about Mora and San Diego speculation but the story underscores why UCLA must replace clueless Chianti Dan and bring in a competent AD.

It'd be helpful if he was working for a competent boss at Morgan Center.
It'd be helpful if he was working for a competent boss at Morgan Center.

There have been a lot of (amusing) speculation this weekend about Jim Mora and the San Diego Chargers job this weekend. We didn't really think much about it and didn't think it was worth blogging it on the home page (or lift any of the fanposts to the frontpage) because don't really think Mora is headed anywhere this coming season.

So far there has been one tweet from a San Diego reporter which got retweeted number of times (rather excitedly by reporters and bloggers aligned with UCLA's conference rivals) to amplify the speculation. But there hasn't been anything more substantive than vague speculation.

I wouldn't worry at all about this story if I were a Bruin fun, given the biggest UCLA football story in last couple of weeks - the return of Anthony Barr - all but guarantees Mora's return to Westwood for at least one more year.

That said, we do think there are couple of points worth making on this story.

First, I already made it above. I wouldn't get too worried about this speculation because it is mostly being pushed by fans/reporters of conference rivals with no subtle motivation of indirectly making the recruiting situation around UCLA football a little unstable. Unfortunately (for them) that's not going to work all that well because UCLA recruiting overall is in pretty solid shape (even though we would like to see at least one viable QB taken in this class).

Second, and perhaps the most important point - from Karl II (emphasis added):

When you get a "hot" coach who experiences some success, other teams show interest. The coach will use that interest to either leave for a new gig or as leverage for a raise.

The problem here is Guerrero. He does not understand how this works. At some point, whether it is this year or next, Mora will come to him and tell him that he has a better offer, and tell Guerrero he wants to give UCLA a chance to match. Guerrero does not and will not have the balls to match.

Everyone talks about loyalty, etc. Bullshit. This is a job, and employees (even highly paid employees) always want a raise.

In other words, the story shows how important it is for UCLA to have an athletic director in place, who actually knows something about this game and is passionate about it. We of course have an incompetent AD, who continues to make himself look foolish and clueless in every which way possible.

This story just underscores once again why for the better interest of UCLA football (and basketball) Bruin alums - especially those, who have financially invested in our two major revenue programs - put all out pressure on Gene Block to make sure Chianti Dan is not back as our AD next season.