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UCLA Finishes the Season Unranked in Jim Mora’s First Season in Westwood

After losing three consecutive games to end the season, Bruins finish a promising year on a very disappointing note in Mora's first year at UCLA.

Unranked - Not a good way to finish the season.
Unranked - Not a good way to finish the season.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After last night's national championship game the final rankings are out. The whole country has been having a lot of fun at the expense of the Irish and creeped out by Brett Musberger.

Unfortunately for UCLA football the final rankings are not laughing matter. After finishing the regular season at number 17 and coming so close to the Rose Bowl, Bruins finished unranked in all major polls. It just confirms the fact while Jim Mora met the minimum expectations in his first year at UCLA and has the program on the right director, it wasn't a total success.

The bar is going to much higher next year and that certainly will include finishing the season as a top ranked program (along with a must win at the Mausoleum over what is now basically a crippled and irrelevant Southern Cal under Hello Kiffin).