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Spaulding Notes: Mora Discusses Development of UCLA’s Offensive Line

Not much new news coming out of Spaulding today. Here are Mora's comments after practice during which he spent a lot of time talking about the ongoing development (and issues) with UCLA's offensive line and praising OL coach Adrian Klemm:

As noted by Jack Wang:

- Though Mora didn't talk about the likelihood of starting three true freshmen on his line, he said that the position was "without a doubt" the most difficult for a first-year player. A less-than-stellar offensive line is difficult to hide schematically, and freshmen must also account for defenses that can shift right before a snap.

"So many things happen so quickly," Mora said. "You've got big guys right across from you breathing down on you that are trying to get to your quarterback, or disrupt your play."

- Mora also talked about the value of offensive line coach Adrian Klemm, who became a fierce college recruiter not long after six-year NFL career with the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers. The line was arguably the team's biggest problem area when Mora's staff arrived, and Klemm's ability to work with the young linemen has been instrumental in its rebuild.

Mora added that Klemm understands the position from the "psyche of an offensive lineman."

Mora also talked about Jake Brendel who has been dealing with snap issues since the Utah game. Mora assured the reporters (I guess us) that Brendel understands the problem and is taking it "seriously" as he realizes how the snap issues can turn into a big deal given that UCLA's no-huddle offense is so dependent on having an established rhythm.  He said that Jake will work his way out of it with the help from coaches. Understands the snap issues disrupt the rhythm of our offense.

In terms of injuries Mora reported that Eric Kendricks will be ready for Saturday, but Jordon James despite making progress at practice will most likely not be available against the Ducks.

Speaking of the Ducks, Ted Miller like everyone else on tWWL has a fawning piece on the Ducks. Newsflash - the Ducks don't really have any weaknesses. So Bruins may as well stay in LA this Saturday and forfeit the upcoming game.