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UCLA Injury Updates: Kendricks & McCarthy Are Doing "OK"; James & Goines Could Return Against Colorado

Injury updates from UCLA football program as Bruins head towards a game-week for a matchup against hapless Colorado Buffaloes.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Mora had a tele-conference earlier this evening and provided some injury updates. From Edward Lewis:


The question is why should Mora return these guys for next weekend against a Colorado team,  we should beat be able to beat with our backups?

It doesn't seem to make much sense to have Jordon James return next weekend given Malcolm Jones and Paul Perkins are doing ok. Then again half the time Noel Mazzone forgets that Jones is even on the team. It also doesn't make any sense to rush Kendricks for a game against the Buffs given we do have some depth at that position.

For this to be a successful season UCLA needs to run the table rest of the regular season and get to the conference championship game. The schedule has given us a huge break by getting a bye against a hapless Colorado team which should provide a golden opportunity to get our starters rested up and the young guys even more experience against the final stretch - more than manageable few games against the weak Pac-12 South and an over-hyped Washington team. It wouldn't make any sense to rush guys back for what should be nothing more than a blowout win in a glorified scrimmage next Saturday.