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Re. Brett Hundley and Recent Rumor of Contact with Sports Agent Jay-Z

Earlier today there was some buzz about this post from National Football Post:

It appears that rapper and sports agent Jay-Z is making inroads with another potential high pick for the 2014 NFL draft. UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley Jr., a redshirt sophomore, has had his representatives talk to Jay-Z's company, Roc Nation Sports, about possibly being his agent should Hundley declare for the draft in April.

Brett Hundley Sr. didn't waste any time in going on a rapid response mode:

"I want to dispel any and all rumors associated with Brett and our family reaching out to ANY AGENTS, REPRESENTATIVES, OR ANYONE ELSE THAT IS NOT LOCKED INTO UCLA FOOTBALL 2013 SEASON!!" Hundley Sr. said in a statement via text message to Wednesday. "It is unfortunate that this miss-information was published without confirmation from Brett and our family. The farthest thing on Brett's mind is opening up discussions with any and all agents, financial planners, lawyers, etc.etc. Brett's sole focus/purpose right now is preparing for Colorado this week. After that, it will be Arizona, Washington, Arizona State, and ultimately USC!!!"

We will say this -- he is much smoother at this than any of Dan Guerrero's employees from Morgan Center. We will take Hundley Sr.'s word that there hasn't been any agent contact. However, note though if you read his statement closely there is no denial that Hundley may still explore his options after the season is over.

Sure Brett's stock is down right now but he can get it all together in a hurry if UCLA runs the table rest of this regular season (as we should) and then shine during post-season. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a strong finish for number 17 and then a grand season in 2014.