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UCLA’s Brett Hundley Sounds Off on Heisman & Everything Else

Brett Hundley sounds off numbers issue with “CampusInsiders” talking about his first play as a Bruin and developing through his UCLA years.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I don't really care about the interviewer here, but I do care - and I think everyone here does as well about the interviewee.  So check it out this video on CampusInsiders.

Number 17 sounds off on number of issues ranging from bringing Heisman back to Westwood (Brett seems confident about it), have the frame of a "prototypical" NFL QB, differing from Texas A&M's Manziel, how Arizona overlooked him as a recruit, and how he has improved from last season.

I thought Hundley's story on his very first play as a Bruin (70+ TD run against Rice) was pretty awesome. Going into the game he was set on giving the ball to Jet Ski b/c he was a little nervous, but then instincts took over.

And this I am going to guess please Fox71 and other geezers in this place. Brett doesn't have a tattoo and is not planning on getting one ... unless ... unless ... Bruins win a Rose Bowl ... and then ... maybe ... maybe ... he will consider it. But he is not sure. Brett - don't settle on the Rose Bowl. Let's bring back the Natty before you leave us. It has been what? Something like 59 years?