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UCLA Athletic Department Undermines Mora’s Effort to “Black Out” the Rose Bowl

Once again Jim Mora’s efforts to gain a true home-field advantage at the Rose Bowl is undermined by incompetent Dan Guerrero and his stooges at the UCLA athletic department.

Not easy for Mora when he has to constantly deal with Chianti and his Morgan Center clowns.
Not easy for Mora when he has to constantly deal with Chianti and his Morgan Center clowns.
Stephen Dunn

Earlier this year Coach Jim Mora had to personally humiliate the UCLA athletic department (by offering to pay for bus rides for students from his own pocket) to force Dan Guerrero and his inept stooges into action.

Looks like Guerrero and his incompetent clowns are at it again. It's been known for a while that Jim Mora wants to have a "black out" at the Rose Bowl this Friday against Washington. UCLA rolled out a promotional video of special "LA Midnight" unis earlier this season. Just few days ago coaches were excitedly tweeting about a special microsite entitled "Bruin Eclipse" broadcasting their desire to have a total "black out" at the Rose Bowl. Then, after the Arizona game Mora specifically made a call to fans to wear black or buy something black this Friday night (emphasis added throughout):

"If you are a UCLA fan, and you're seeing this or you're reading this: Take the day off, buy something black, and get out to the Rose Bowl. Because it's going to be an environment you won't want to miss.

And yet this is the message that is currently posted on UCLA's official site:

Whether you wear black to be part of the on-field Bruin Eclipse , go with your best Bruin blue or come straight from the office in a suit, BE THERE as UCLA continues its quest for another Division title against the Washington Huskies.

Yeah, so one hand we have our passionate head coach urging all Bruins to fill out the Rose Bowl in black, and here we have the Morgan Center morons telling people  - not wearing black is okay. Idiots.

Once again it's amateur hour from the Morgan Center. Of course none of this is surprise given the well-documented incompetence of the worst athletic director in America. If UCLA had semblance of competent leadership at the top, we wouldn't have to get used to nonsense like this. Still this is a new low even for the incompetent Guerrero and his amateurish staff.