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Spaulding Roundup - The Hundley/Fuller Connection, and O-Line Thoughts

Brett Hundley speaks to the media after practice on Monday.

Stephen Dunn

As always, thanks to Edward Lewis with the Bruin Sports Report for the video.

Brett Hundley met with the media today to discuss mostly Devin Fuller and the threat of the long ball finally opening things up for the Bruins last Saturday against Colorado.  Hundley felt that it was important that the Bruins were able to stretch the ball down the field, as teams kept trying to stop UCLA by playing the safeties back about 10-12 yards and they have to stop that.

The man of the presser was Devin Fuller, as the beat reporters were anxious to discuss Fuller's breakout game as  receiver.  Hundley feels that Fuller is progressing as a receiver and you can see the strides he's made, as he is smarter in running his routes, and there is a connection between the two, and you can finally see it coming together.  The long ball he had to Fuller for the touchdown, Hundley knew it was a good ball and Fuller ran a nice route = touchdown.

As for his young offensive line, Hundley thought they played well.  He felt comfortable in the pocket and him knowing that he can go through his reads makes the job of the o-line easier.  He gave a lot of credit to the o-line this week.

Hundley was asked about the Jay-Z "issue" and he denied it right away, saying he has not been in contact with Jay-Z, and when you have a decision to make, people start throwing rumors out there.  He does admit to listening to Jay-Z before a game, and that's about it for their connection.

Hundley also remarked that he was scared for the Colorado QB when he started talking to Anthony Barr, because when you start talking to Barr, Barr comes for you.  #barrsohard

As for Arizona, game prep starts today and he feels that as long as the Bruins stay on their game plan, they will be fine.

Congratulations this week to Jayon Brown as he was named Pac-12 Special teams player of the week for his fumble recovery and forced fumble, and also to Hundley as he was named a semi-finalist for the Davey O'Brien award.