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Jim Mora Emphatically Dismisses Texas Longhorns [Coaching Rumors]

Mora emphatically denies rumors of his interest in the head coaching position of University of Texas and asserts that he wants to retire in Westwood.

Stephen Dunn

We have been reading the amusing rumors floating around the internets about Jim Mora being some kind of serious candidate for the vacant Texas head coach position. We have been getting a kick out of reading posts on Texas sites discussing how Mora would be a "legitimate possibility" for the Long Horns along with Mike Gundy, Gus Malzahn, Garry Andersen, James Franklin [See also Vegas odds posted by our good friends at the Barking Carnival].

Well none of us on the frontpage were all that concerned about it (so we didn't bother blogging much about it). But just in case if there are any questions, I think Mora's comments today (on multiple occasions) should make it clear that this is just not going to happen for the Longhorns fans.

Mora talked about it after practice today. You can watch the video (starting around 4:30 mark) when Mora flatly dismissed the rumors:

He said the rumors were "flattering" about our program and that it shows that we are heading in the right direction, and then flatly said that he is "very very very extremely delightfully happy to be the head coach at UCLA  and want to be for a long, long time."

Oh, he wasn't done. He was asked about it again later in the day on Jay Mohr's radio show when he emphatically dismissed the rumors (while discussing the UCLA program with Jay in a great give and take). Listen to it around 6:03 mark of the interview:

Again when specifically asked about whether he has any interest in the Texas job, his answer was "No" and that his plan was to "stay" in Westwood and "hopefully retire" as the head coach of UCLA. When pressed again he asserted he gave an "emphatic" answer on his interested in retiring as the head coach of Bruins.

Not sure what else is there to add here. The Longhorns need to move on to other "legitimate possibilities" in their long list or they could just get it done by naming Todd Graham as successor of Mack Brown.