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UCLA Reportedly Fires Running Backs Coach Steve Broussard

Coach Jim Mora makes a surprise, aggressive personnel move right after UCLA's demolition of Southern Cal.

Stephen Dunn

Bruins are still basking in the afterglow of Saturday night's total demolition of Pat Haden's hapless Trojans. But Coach Jim Mora is not resting easy. It looks like he has already made a personnel:

Here was Broussard tweet just a little while ago:

The move is not completely shocking as UCLA's running-back recruiting has been lagging. In last two years Bruins have only brought in one elite RB - Craig Lee, who is redshirting this season. So UCLA needs someone who is going to go after elite talents with the same tenacity we see from coaches like Adrian Klemm.

We will see how Mora turns to fill int he position. Note we have someone like Deshaun Foster waiting in the wings. Those who have been paying attention know that the former Bruin running back is already part of Coach Mora's program. Could he be someone who could step in as the running backs coach?

In the meantime we wish Coach Broussard best of luck. College football can be a tough business.

What is clear is this - Mora is not sitting still. He is right back to work in an intense fashion the Monday after a huge win against Southern Cal. That should be welcome news to all of Bruin Nation.