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Will Dan Guerrero’s Incompetence Cause Jim Mora to Bolt to Washington?

Some concerns emerge that UCLA’s reported “lack of commitment” to playing “big boy football” may cause Mora to seriously consider opportunities elsewhere – such as the head coaching job of his alma mater – University of Washington.

It's time to pay up Danny.
It's time to pay up Danny.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hmm. So it looks there is some concern out there now that because of UCLA's incompetent athletic director, there is a "chance" that Jim Mora maybe considering other options beyond remaining in Westwood (like being the head coach of Washington Huskies). From FootballScoop:

Should UCLA fans be worried? Well, Tracy Pierson from has this tonight in a story that is not behind's firewall (emphasis added):

When it comes down to it, Jim Mora probably won't take the Washington head coaching job.

But there is a chance he does.

What would make him consider it: a lack of commitment financially from UCLA.

Mora is not a personally greedy guy. He doesn't want money for himself. He doesn't even care much about his own salary. He just wants a big boost in available funds to pay his assistants.

UCLA needs to decide what it wants to be. Does it want to play big-boy football and compete to win national championships? If it does, then it needs to make the financial commitment. UCLA finally has a great coach that has a chance to win at the highest level, but just needs the resources to do it. Right now, that's being able to pay his assistants, and pay any other elite assistants he can get.

Well, what a surprise to hear that a buffoon like Guerrero still hasn't made a financial "commitment" to build a UCLA football program that will play "big-boy football" and will "compete to win national championships."

Tracy is not the only one. Chris Foster from the LA Times has some unusually direct words for incompetent stooges such as Guerrero and his clueless boss Gene Block:

Elite programs fend off poachers. UCLA is not an elite program yet. But athletic department officials can act like it is one.

Mora wants a football house? Build it.

Mora wants more money for assistants? Pay it.

Mora wants ice cream? Ask if he prefers chocolate or vanilla.

It's what elite programs do.

Well, of course.

The good news here is that there is unity across the greater Bruin Nation in terms of expecting UCLA officials to do whatever it takes to retain and bolster Mora's regime. Heck, many of us here have had some issues with some of Mora's game decisions last two years. But despite all of that we'd like to see him get whatever he needs so that he has every chance to build a powerhouse in Westwood next two years.

If Chianti (and his clueless boss - Gene Block) blow this golden opportunity to own Southern California (and possibly West Coast) college football landscape in the near future, there should be all out revolt among all UCLA alums who have the slightest bit of interest in major revenue Bruin programs. As gbruin noted earlier this evening that this is all on Chianti Dan now.

This should be a fairly easy decision even for a buffoon like Guerrero. Let's see if he blows this layup.