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Mora Details on (Reported) 6 Year Contract Extension With UCLA

From which reports that Mora's 6 year K-extension is worth "more than $3 million annually":

Such a contract would put Mora among the top paid 12 to 15 coaches in college football.

Another requirement was an increase in his assistants' salaries. UCLA, according to sources, agreed to increase salaries of Mora's coaches by $1.3 to $1.5 million. An increase of that magnitude should put UCLA's staff among the top two paid staffs in the Pac-12.

A big factor in Mora returning was UCLA's recent commitment to building a new football-only facility. Key to this is UCLA recently securing a donor that will contribute a very large sum toward the construction of the facility.

Pretty clear that Jim Mora leveraged the heck out of this situation for the best interest of his staff and the UCLA football program. Big ups to him for recognizing the massive opportunity to and use it to get what he needs to make this program successful despite a mostly weak and inept leadership from UCLA administration (Dan Guerrero and Gene Block).

Oh and BTW. Thank you Pat Haden. LOLz.