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UCLA Releases Video with Mora’s Vision of New Football Training Facility

On the day Jim Mora recommitted to UCLA by agreeing to a 6 year extension of his current contract, his program released a new video with more information on UCLA’s new football training facility.

As mentioned in the post re. information on Jim Mora's K extension, one of the factors for his decision to stay at UCLA for the long term was that he was able to extract a commitment from Dan Guerrero to build a state of the art football facility on campus. Well, it looks like UCLA today released a video with some more information. Watch it above.

They have also released a new microsite titled - - with some additional details re. design of the facility. Highlights include (from the website):

  • Prominent Displays and Tribute Space Honoring Current and Past Student-Athletes in a Grand Entrance for UCLA Football
  • Football-Specific Training Rooms and Strength and Conditioning Center
  • State-of-the-Art Locker Room and Players' Lounge
  • Brand New Equipment and Video Rooms
  • Coaches' Offices
  • Spacious Team Meeting Rooms

All of this sounds good. We will see how fast Guerrero can get this done. He shouldn't be resting easy and we are guessing Mora will be on him to get moving and getting this project finished fast.