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Message from Mora & Bruins: "If You Can Play - You Can Play at UCLA"

Coach Jim Mora, Brett Hundley and other member of Bruin Athletic community star in "You Can Play" video sending a clear and inspiring message of inclusion to all athletes at UCLA.

If you haven't seen it yet check out the video above which UCLA released this weekend as part of an "Athlete Allies initiative aimed at pushing homophobia out of campus sports programs." The video has appearances from our number of our major high profile varsity sports including appearances from super star Brett Hundley and Coach Jim Mora.

Coach Mora talked to SBN's Outsports about the topic (emphasis added):

[M]ora told Outsports via phone that he is fully supportive of gay athletes.

"It doesn't matter to me," he said. I don't judge people on their color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their religious beliefs. It doesn't matter to me."

He said an athlete coming out on the football team and in other sports would be well-received.

"In the locker room, in the meeting rooms, on the campus it's going to be something that isn't an issue," Mora said. "UCLA is a very tolerant campus for all different beliefs. Most college campuses are like that. There are guys like [gay-friendly NFL linebacker] Scott Fujita in every locker room. I can't say there won't be some tense moments, but these kids are very young and very tolerant. Sometimes they're ignorant, and it just takes them growing up and learning a little."

This is awesome. I needed something like that in a time like this as I have been struggling with my emotions since yesterday afternoon. As I wrote earlier what happened in Boston is deeply personal for me. I know others here like AHMB (who went to same law school as yours truly) who also have connections to that city are feeling the same way.

But words like the ones we see from Mora above help and they matter. It makes me think of these words from the immortal MLK that was projected in Brooklyn last night:


Thanks to Coach Mora and rest of the coaches and students from our UCLA athletics community for giving us bright blue and gold lights.

I know. This is par for the course for the school of Jackie Robinson, Arthur Ashe and recently with heroes such as Brandon Aynabadejo and Chris Kluwe. The video above and Mora's words as the head ball coach of UCLA football are not surprising. We expect that from our coaches. But the sincerity with which Mora and others deliver the message above are still inspiring. We are all blessed to Bruins.