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UCLA Football Spring Practice #10: Back-to-Back Mornings at Spaulding

Once again our Bruins will be up-and-at-them early in the morning, as Coach Mora has set up another 7 a.m. spring practice, following immediately after yesterday morning's early morning practice. Hopefully, you like your coffee, because if you're heading out to Spaulding to catch the Bruins in live action, you'll need the jolt for another early morning session.

Apparently, our Bruins needed the jolt yesterday, getting practice off to a sloppy start that Coach Mora was not too thrilled about. Hopefully this morning will be off to a much better start as UCLA will need to guard against complacency, mental errors, and focus. With Southern Cal replacing Barkley and still feeling the hurt of the NCAA sanctions, Arizona State a complete mess, Stanford having to replace a bulk of their very talented senior-laden offensive line, and Oregon facing the threat of NCAA punishment, the conference is there for UCLA's taking, if the Bruins can stay focused and bring it every single week. Fortunately, Mora seems to get that.

And being a pretty awesome guy, Mora has also been campaigning hard for former Bruin offensive lineman Jeff Baca, sending out a flurry of Twitter messages supporting the big man's push for an NFL draft spot.

In any event, we'll be keeping out eye out on some of the practice storylines that have bubbled up lately, namely Nate Iese's switch to DE, the on-going search for Brett Hundley's back-up, and Taylor Lagace's development in the nickel LB role.

So, with that, let's turn to our tenth spring practice of the year. If you need to check, the full spring schedule is here, with spring practice culminating at the Rose Bowl on April 27. If you do hit up practice, feel free to fire away with your comments, observations, and thoughts on what you see (especially for those of us trapped outside of Southern California).