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50K Bruins at the Rose Bowl: More Video to Get Fired Up for Saturday's Spring Game

More video from Jim Mora's football program to get fired up for Saturday's spring game at the Rose Bowl.

Well Coach Jim Mora is certainly pulling out all the stops. He is tweeting his heart out trying to get 50K Bruins to show up at this weekend's spring ball. He is now paying out of his own pocket (while making his clueless AD look like a pathetic overpaid chump) to turn out students with free bus rides at the Rose Bowl.

He is also using "8ClapProductions" to cut rough, unpolished (but fun to watch) videos like this with practice highlights to get us fired up. Now only if UCLA wasn't wasting millions on an overpaid worthless AD and instead investing some resources allowing it's athletic department to put together web videos with high quality production value.

Oh well - for now, enjoy the video. And also, turn out in massive numbers at the Rose Bowl this weekend.