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2013 NFL Draft: Packers like Bruins, Late-Round Open Thread

The NFL is in the middle of the 3rd and final day of its 2013 Draft. This morning's 4th round is behind us, but not before Green Bay traded up to get yet another Bruin! The Packers traded their 5th and 6th round picks for the Broncos' 4th rounder (#125 overall) which they used to take Johnathan Franklin.

While I would have liked to see him go on the second day, it looks like JetSki has landed in a good situation with the Packers - even with their selection of Eddie Lacy on Friday. Our SBN colleagues at Acme Packing Company are fans of the pick.

Here's another great value pick for Green Bay, as Franklin was often projected as a day-two pick. With him and Eddie Lacy coming aboard, this almost certainly is a sign that the stable of running backs on the Packers' roster will be going through some major changes this off-season.

The order of the picks in the remaining rounds is listed here. We talked about the Bruins with a good shot of being drafted before Day 1 and Day 2 of the draft.

ESPN has just announced that Jeff Locke has been taken in the 5th round by the Vikings.

This is your Day 3 Open Thread. We will have another one up just before the Spring Game starts at 5pm.