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2013 UCLA Spring Football Showcase: Video Highlights & Official Stats

Video highlights and official states from UCLA’s 2013 spring football showcase.

Ralph Irvin has the highlights and interviews from last night's spring showcase at the Rose Bowl. The action got started a little late because of freeway traffic but hey what's new there. It looked like a decent crowd on TV. Pac-12 TV announcers gave us a number of about 15,000 while official site estimates "a crowd of 20,000".

The highlight video above has comments from Brett Hundley, Anthony Barr, Paul Perkins, Cassius Marsh, Devin Fuller (he is now number 7 instead of 2), Jordan Zumwalt, and Ishmael Adams. Hundley, Barr and Zumwalt sounded pretty excited about the crowd size.

Yesterday was the first time I got to see Perkins in action and he looked pretty good in that run after catching a swing pass from Hundley, which he took it to the end zone. Adams also got himself in the highlights taking on Devin Lucien on 1-on-1s and also getting himself a tipped interception pass.

The broadcast itself was a little choppy as Pac-12 TV crew is still figuring out how to make this fun for TV. I think they will get it figured out by next year. From the comment threads it appears that some of you were annoyed by Rick Neuheisel's comments as if he was taking credit for some of our recruits. I didn't see anything wrong with what Neuheisel said - given that he was responsible for bringing in Hundley and then redshirting him, along with playing a big role in upgrading the talent level of our roster, I certainly think he deserves some credit for the success. Neuheisel didn't turn out to be a good coach or manager of the program, but he certainly made an impact as a pretty damn good recruiter.

Anyway, here are the stats from the official site. If folks have detailed observation from yesterday please share them in the fanposts.