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2013 UCLA Spring Football Showcase: Jim Mora's Wrapup Comments

Here are Coach Mora's comments after spring game showcase. He sounds like he had a great time:

He joked about UCLA having an attendance of 50,001 beating Kentucky by 1. He was also beaming about all the Bruins who got drafted and are getting opportunities as free agents. He suggested this was the most nervous he has ever been for a draft, sounding like a proud Dad.

Not surprisingly he mentioned that he is not going to make much of out the tapes coming from this showcase because the setup was heavily favored towards the offense. Events like the scrimmage gives Mora and coaches an opportunity to see how some of the young guys react towards the Rose Bowl setup. He specifically gushed about the turf at the Rose Bowl and talked about how the perfectly cut grass can make impression on kids from out of state (apparently three kids from Louisiana were checking out the team) thought they were on synthetic turf because it felt so perfect.

Otherwise rest of the exchange with the reporters was fairly standards. Those guys didn't really ask any original questions so Mora was basically dishing out standard responses we have been hearing last 4 weeks.