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Chaser Notes From Day 2: Video of Mora’s Remarks, T.J. Millweard’s “Crisp Spirals”

Tasser10 shared his notes from the second day of spring practice here. The video of Mora's post game remarks were finally uploaded on UCLA's official YouTube account. So ICYMI here it is:
Also, I thought this note from Chris Foster's report re. competition for the number 2 spot was noteworthy:

[T.J.] Millweard enrolled early a year ago to be able to compete in spring practice. It was a tough learning experience, with most of his passes wobbling.

"I enrolled on a Monday and started spring practice on Tuesday, " Millweard said. "There was a lot of transition for me."

Millweard and coaches tinkered with his throwing motion during the off-season. His passes have been mostly crisp spirals the first two days of spring practice.

"I have shortened things up and tried to get better balance," Millweard said. "Part of it is I'm a lot more comfortable. It was a rough spring last year."

It is encouraging hear that Millweard is showing some early signs of improvement. Often in college, players make their biggest jump after finishing their first year, when they get used to the rhythm of college. If Millweard can emerge as a viable option at QB, it will be huge in terms of developing real depth in our program. Before you get too excited about Foster's "report" though here is waltond from our comment threads (from his awesome notes):

I take back what I said about Millweard on Tuesday. His release still needs some work. He turfed one throw today.

So -- for folks who are heading out to Spaulding keep an eye on TJ. It should be interesting to see how he develops through rest of this spring before more competition (Asiantii Woulard) arrives in Fall camp.