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UCLA Football Spring Practice #4: MNF Open Thread

You all ready for some Monday Night Football?

You want to forget about how Chianti Guerrero has completely wrecked our basketball program for couple of hours? Well if you live in LA you can head out to Spaulding and take in some spring ball. Bruins had their first day in pads on Saturday afternoon. You can read up on Saturday by going here and here and also this nifty video from this fanshot.

While the Bruins were working on getting in rhythm in their first day in pads, Coach Mora thinks we will have a much better practice tonight. Like all of the spring practices, it will run about 2 hours and will be open to the public. The Bruins will have a total of 14 practices before the Spring Game at the Rose Bowl on April 27. The entire spring practice schedule is here.

If you are out at Spaulding today please keep us updated on events at practice in this thread. For those of us who live away from Southern California, we always appreciate your first hand notes, thoughts and of course pictures. So fire away.