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Power of Good Thoughts/Vibes? Some Good News for Marcus Rios

Marcus Rios gets some encouraging news – now let’s keep sending those good thoughts and prayers his way.

Stephen Dunn

mexeastla shared this news in the fanshot section, but it is so good that I thought it'd worth it to do a cover post on it. Perhaps all the well wishes, prayers and general good vibes this community and the greater Bruin Nation has been sending Marcus's way have been having some impact. Chris Foster blogged today:

UCLA cornerback Marcus Rios has received the first piece of good news in months. He will not need more surgery to clean out a fungus infection in his sinus area.

Rios has undergone six surgeries since October. However, doctors believe antibiotics are dealing with the issue.

The infection was located behind his eye and beneath his brain. Rios has been receiving antibiotics through a peripherally inserted central catheter line in his arm.

That is awesome news. Honestly, I personally don't care whether Rios gets to play football next season. That shouldn't matter to anyone here on BN. Our only concern right now his full and complete recovery and everything else will take care of itself. Stay strong Marcus and kick this infection's ass the same way Anthony Barr took care of you know who.