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BN College Football Saturday: TV Schedules, Game Times, Afternoon/Evening Thread

Our Bruins Nation Saturday College Football open thread for the second half of the day.

Yay more football!
Yay more football!
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The second half of our college football day is getting underway, so let's continue or collective game watching here. After a morning of mostly east coast and midwest games, we'll see more of our pac-12 bretheren tonight where it's easier for the East Coast to ignore us.

Here's a look at some of the notable evening matchups.

Ole Miss (21) at No. 1 Alabama (1) - 3:30p ESPN Ole Miss is 3-0 for the first time since 1989, but even with a bye last week to prepare, going to Tuscaloosa is not the same as playing Vandy, SE Missouri St, and, well, Texas. Sorry Longhorns. The country's top ranked team either looked mortal in its pedestrian win over lowly Colorado State last week, or they were simply looking ahead to this week's ranked conference opponent, which bodes very badly for the Rebels.

Arizona at Washington (16) - 4pm FOX Both teams come into this game 3-0 and are looking to prove whether their fast starts are real or whether they were fool's gold with soft opponents. The Huskies have quietly moved up in the rankings behind the #3 offense in the country and Southern Cal fans are looking longingly to the North to see if Coach Sarkisian wants to come back to Los Angeles. Gus Johnson will call this game, which makes it a must watch.

Wisconsin (23) at No. 4 Ohio State (4) - 5p ABC Wisconsin's only loss this season was that hatchet job by the SPTR's in Tempe 2 weeks ago, otherwise they would have the same 4-0 record as Ohio State. Despite having the country's #3 rushing offense, the Badgers will have their work cut out for them in Columbus. The #4 Buckeyes made themselves feel like big men last week by beating up on Florida A&M 76-0, which extended their win streak to 16, the longest current streak in the country.

Stanford (5) at Washington State - 7p ESPN Washington State plays one game a year in the NFL stadium in Seattle. They do it as a boost for recruiting. They should have planned it when someone besides Stanford was coming to town so they might look better for the prospects. The Cardinal looked quite awesome against a good ASU team last week until they took the foot off the gas and made their 20 point win seem closer than it really was. Don't expect that letdown this week.

California at No. 2 Oregon - 7:30p Pac-12 Network Remember when Cal players faked injuries 2 years ago in an effort to slow down the lightning quick tempo of the Oregon offense? Well, the Bears have had a bye week to perfect their soccer player techniques in preparation for the Ducks again, but it won't matter. Incredibly, Ducks' star QB Marcus Mariota will face an counterpart this week in Cal freshman Jared Goff with more passing yards than himself. That stat will probably continue tonight when Mariota watches his backup play garbage time for the 3rd and 4th quarters while Goff desperately racks up garbage time yards trying to overcome a 4-5 touchdown deficit.

USC at Arizona State - 7:30 ESPN2 It wasn't for any lack of begging, but *$c did not get any relief from its NCAA sanctions. That means Lane Kiffin is still fighting with both hands tied behind his back and will be unfairly criticized by the inpatient Southern Cal fans with unreasonably high expectations when the trogans lose in Tempe tonight. It is still early in the season and Stanford exposed the Sun Devils to a degree last week, but ASU continues to look good and remains a strong biggest challenger for the Pac-12 South title. Will Sutton is really really really good.

The complete schedule of game times and TV coverage can be seen here.

This is our second half of the day open thread. Have at it.