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It is Time For Jim Mora to Quash Texas Coaching Job Rumors - Again

It is time for Jim Mora to once again quash rumors/speculation connecting him to opening at University of Texas.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sp

Back in December 17 there was some speculation about Jim Mora and University of Texas. At the time Mora shot down those rumors multiple times. He did it first after a practice at Spaulding and then during an appearance on Jay Mohr's radio show.

When he appeared on Mohr's show he was specifically asked about whether he has any interest in the Texas job, his answer was "No" and that his plan was to "stay" in Westwood and "hopefully retire" as the head coach of UCLA. When pressed again he asserted he gave an "emphatic" answer on his interested in retiring as the head coach of Bruins.

Well the Mora-Texas internet-rumors have been running rampant all day today thanks to Tweets coming from NFL "insiders" such as Adam Schefter. We have been discussing about it in our Sugar Bowl open thread. Most of us on the frontpage are not all that concerned about. And I think BillyZoom is on to something here:

I think...

Steve Patterson is leaking names to appease big donors and create a "national search" narrative. Believe that Texas is negotiating with Charlie Strong right now. With everything that has happened this offseason... KP, Klemm, recruiting going well, etc, I'd be really shocked if Mora left for Texas.

Never say never with this stuff, but it would be a real surprise.

Seems like a plausible take there.

But now Tracy Pierson from reports that Mora's "representatives" are "listening" to Texas (in an article not behind paid firewall) [emphasis added]:

There have been rumblings around the UCLA program, too, today, expressing concern that Texas could be a legitimate threat to entice Mora.

The new, re-negotiated contract extension that UCLA and Mora agreed to in early December after the University of Washington pursued Mora has yet to be approved by the UC Regents. Sources have indicated that there is an interim buyout in effect, however, and that buyout approaches $10 million.

No sources have indicated that Mora has expressed interest in the job, other than his representatives listening to Texas's representatives. In fact, sources very close to the situation are confident Mora, despite the potential astronomical salary and the perks, and all of the advantages of the Texas program, will remain at UCLA.

The fact that there are these kinds of leaks and speculation out there makes Mora a valued commodity in college football coaching market. That is also a good thing for UCLA at this snap shot of time. At the same time though this is also recruiting season. It doesn't help UCLA when there is speculation involving Mora's "representatives" and Texas while key blue chip recruits are nearing decisions.

I doubt this Mora-Texas stuff will go anywhere. While it's fun to have this type of chatter out there for now, it doesn't help us (Bruins) too much if these rumors continue to linger. So if Mora doesn't have an "interest" in Texas, I hope he makes that very clear publicly within next 24-48 hours, just like he did on Mohr's show few weeks ago. Given what we have seen from him publicly in last few weeks, this shouldn't be that hard. Right?