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Baylor Head Coach Quashes Texas Rumors; Still No Word from Mora

Baylor head coach Art Briles, who was thought to be one of the leading candidates for Texas head-coaching position just posted this on Twitter account to quash all the rumors/speculation about going to Texas:

That's how it's done. Meanwhile, we still don't have anything definitive from Jim Mora yet as UCLA heads into a key-stretch in recruiting season.

As mentioned last night, while Mora getting this kind of buzz is good for him and for the program to a certain extent, at certain point he needs to kill these rumors -- which fanbases and media personalities from opposing teams (ie Trojan sympathizers like Collin Cowherd and Petro Papadakis) are using to create an air of instability within the UCLA football program.

Hopefully Mora comes out and puts a stop to all of this by COB today. It shouldn't be that difficult to type out 140 character tweet on his smart phone.