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Jim Mora Turns Down Texas Longhorns - Again

Report from indicates that Jim Mora has turned down Texas.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We wanted Jim Mora to publicly quash all Texas rumors by end of the day today. Looks like we got our wish:

Jim Mora has informed Texas that he's not interested in the Longhorn head coaching job, according to sources.

Texas and Mora's representatives were in contact and had discussions Thursday. The job wasn't formally offered to Mora, but it was discussed in a way that if Mora wanted it, the job was available.

Read Tracy's full report here.

And we've got a Tweet:

Well so much for all the silly hoping from Trojans and other conference fans about Mora going somewhere else. Thankfully Mora played this perfectly. From all accounts now Mora has turned down Washingotn and Texas in the same offseason. As noted last night he quashed Texas speculation few weeks ago as well.  It will be impossible for any school to negatively recruit against him saying that he's going to leave for another college job. If he's not taking his alma mater's job or the Texas job, he's not going anywhere.

This should also send a strong signal to number 17 and rest of the recruits -- the kind of commitment Jim Mora is making to UCLA.