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Report: Multiple Sources Confirm Mora Was "Effectively Offered" the Texas Job

I don't really feel like blogging about Texas and Mora speculation any more. It was annoying. Longhorns appear to have their guy in Charlie Strong, who I think is a sold coach.

However, I do want to blog an additional note on this because it's been amusing to read from some corners of Texas fandom that no way, no how their beloved Longhorns offered a job to Jim Mora. In their world it is impossible that someone like Mora turned them down. Well here is a note from FootballScoop which has a pretty good reputation when it comes to offering news bits on coaching rumors:

I spoke with two sources today who confirmed what Adam Schefter previously reported, that Jim Mora was effectively offered the job at Texas and turned it down.

The report added what we have heard through our Bruin channels here. Mora and his family are getting attached to LA despite their roots in Pacific Northwest. And the report added this:

Oh, and if you were looking for just one more reason to like Jim...we hear that nearly the entire negotiation with UCLA (when the Washington job came open and UW came courting) was related to additional compensation and security for his staff. When those numbers are revealed (no idea when that might be) we are told some of his staff members will be the highest or among the highest in the country at their position.

So there you have it.

Good luck to our friends in Texas but I think it's time to drop the silliness that the Longhorns didn't come to Mora with a concrete proposal, which he eventually turned it down. It happens.