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BN End of Season Roundtable (Part 2): UCLA’s 2013 Season Awards

Part 2 of 3 part of end of season roundtable among BruinsNation front-pagers going over various issues impacting UCLA football program at the end of 2013 season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

5.  Who is your offensive MVP this year?

Uclaluv: Can I say the o-line?  Okay, I'll pick one, Su'a-Filo.  The line made all things possible this year.  Even with all of the youth they came through big time.

bruinclassof10: I'm going to go with Brett Hundley. After watching years of terrible QB play, I can appreciate Brett's game more.

Odysseus: Hundley.

Achilles: Hundley, no one even close.

gbrun: Xavier Su'a-Filo.  He played two positions this year and the offensive line play was the main difference between last year's team and this year's.

IE Angel: Brett Hundley, by quite a bit for me. Xavier Su'a-Filo is an honorable mention. 36 touchdowns, led the Pac-12 in completion percentage, 3819 yards of total offense.

Ajax: Have to go with Brett Hundley here.

DCBruins: Hundley.

AHMB: Hundley.  He bailed us out more times than I can count.  He was our leading rusher and accounted for roughly 3800 yards of offense and 35 touchdowns.

6.  Who is your defensive MVP this year?

Uclaluv: Wow, this is difficult.  Can I give it to the linebackers and Marsh?  Also, Goforth made a lot of great tackles when runners leaked through that might have saved us some games.  I guess I'll go with Kendricks.

bruinclassof10: I'm going to go with the sexy pick here: Anthony Barr. Teams had to gameplan for him and account for him all year, which led to great seasons for our other linebackers. The stat sheet doesn't tell the entire story, but the film does. I think he killed one of Colorado's TE's too.

Odysseus: Barr.

Achilles: Wow, I hate to pick just one. Barr was the best player, but Kendricks, Jack and Zumwalt all had good seasons.

gbruin: It's Anthony Barr.  Though he didn't flash as much as last year, his effect was probably even more important this season.  His mere presence worried the opposing offenses so much that it opened up things for Cassius Marsh, Myles Jack, Jordan Zumwalt, and the rest of the defensive front 7 who all had very very good seasons.

IE Angel: No player outside of Jadaveon Clowney was more heavily game-planned for and avoided than Anthony Barr this season. Compare what Clowney did to what Barr did while being double-team, chipped, run away from and held (if they kept track of penalties drawn by a player, Barr might lead the nation). 20 TFLs, 10 sacks, 5 forced fumbles and 4 fumble recoveries. That is dominance.

Ajax: I am going to punt on this one and say the LB corps as a whole. It seems like Barr, Kendricks, Zumwalt and Jack each took turns dominating at times this season. Coach Ulbrich and Spanos deserve some credit here as well.

DCBruins: Intellectually I know IE Angel is right but I agree with Ajax.  I think Kendricks is underrated and gets no respect so I will throw his name out here separately.

AHMB: I agree with IE Angel for all the same reasons.  The fact that Barr entered every game as the opponent's number one concern yet still had that production line is amazing.

7.  Who is your freshman of the year?  Ok, who is your freshman of the year other than Myles Jack?

Uclaluv: Alex Redmond

bruinclassof10: Eddie Vanderdoes. Mama there goes that man...he's in the backfield again chasing down the QB...and now he's scoring a rushing TD.

Odysseus: Redmond.

Achilles: Caleb Benenoch

gbruin: Alex Redmond, with honorable mentions to Caleb Benenoch and Scott Quessenberry.

IE Angel: Do redshirt freshmen count? Because, if they do, I'm going with Ishmael Adams (who is getting his year of eligibility back from last year). Was asked to cover guys much, much bigger than him and excelled. Honorable mentions would be Alex Redmond, Thomas Duarte, Paul Perkins, Kenneth Clark and Eddie Vanderdoes.

Ajax: This is a tough one, because there were some many freshman making significant contributions. I am going to go with Alex Redmond. You don't hear his name called often, but he was rock solid on the OL all season. That is exceedingly rare for a true freshman in a BCS conference. I expect big things from him down the road.

DCBruins: Can I pick Myles Jack on offense and assume you meant Myles Jack on D?  Okay, I guess I will go for Vanderdoes because he means something to the program large than just his play.

AHMB: I didn't think this question would be so difficult when I drafted it, but it's very hard to pick one.  I'm going to go with Vanderdoes because he flashed so much, but Redmond, Benenoch, and Quessenberry all playing on the offensive line as true freshmen can't go unnoticed.

8.  Other than Hundley and Barr name three of our favorite Bruins from the 2013 football season?

Uclaluv: Kendricks, Marsh, Adams

bruinclassof10: Cassius Marsh, EK, X-Man. I've seen Marsh evolve from a hotheaded freshman to a team leader/playmaker.  Kendricks makes plays and leaves it all on the field. XSF is one of my favorite Bruins and a huge catalyst in the Bruin o-line's renaissance.

Odysseus: XSF, Jack, Zumwalt.

Achilles: Jack, obviously. Zumwalt. Devin Fuller. When we needed someone to step up and give us something to another playmaker, he did. He plays hard, blocks hard, good hands -- he's going to just get better.

gbruin: Eric Kendricks, XSF, and Cassius Marsh (and Jordan Zumwalt - yes, I know that's 4).

IE Angel: Xavier Su'a-Filo because it is tough to watch him play and not notice how much better he is than everyone else on the field. Jordan Zumwalt and Cassius Marsh because they embody the spirit of the UCLA defense. Fiery and passionate, athletic as hell and aggressive.

Ajax: This is a tough one. I'll go with EK, XSF and Zumwalt.

DCBruins: Jack, Kendricks, and Marsh.

AHMB: Jack, Clark, and Vanderdoes.  Jack is one of the best football players that I've ever seen in terms of versatility and explosiveness.  There isn't anything on the football field that he can't do.  Clark is one of those lunch pail guys that doesn't get as much hype as he deserves, but he's damn good.  He reminds me of Juwon Howard from the Fab 5.  Webber and Rose got the publicity, but Howard made that team work.  Vanderdoes played as good as advertised, and that's hard to do for a 5* DT.  He's going to be special when it's all said and done.