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BN End of Season Roundtable (Part 3): UCLA’s 2014 Season Expectations, Favorite Moments from 2013

Part 3 of 3 part of end of season roundtable among BruinsNation front-pagers going over various issues impacting UCLA football program at the end of 2013 season.

Harry How

Question No. 9 has been "edited" following the development in last 24 hours! :-) GO BRUINS. - BN Eds.

9. What are your expectations for 2014 football season if Brett Hundley returns next season? What about if he declares for the draft?

Uclaluv: I expect UCLA to get to the Rose Bowl and possibly to the final four. If Brett doesn't return, I still expect to go to the Rose Bowl. I think Asiantii will impress.

bruinclassof10: Devin Lucien took the words right out of my mouth. A national championship should be the goal if Hundley returns. If he declares for the draft, I still expect a 10-win season with the talent on our roster.

Odysseus: A national championship would be the goal, but I would say Pac-12 championship would be the expectation if Brett returns. If he leaves, I also think Woulard will be a good quarterback, but my expectations would be more along the lines of Pac-12 South champs.

Achilles: As above, I respectfully pass.

gbruin: If Brett comes back, we have a chance to be a top 5 team, barring injuries and SPTR's and other unpredictable occurrences. If Brett goes pro, all bets are off because I can't predict how effective the offense will be with a brand new QB.

IE Angel: With Hundley, a team that makes the first NCAA playoff and wins the Pac-12. If he declares, I still expect a team that is in position to win the Pac-12 and be in the first NCAA playoffs. The talent on defense is second to no one in the conference, even with losing three NFL players. The entire offensive line could return, and even if XSF leaves to the NFL there are 6 players with significant starting experience and elite talent. The incoming talent will have an impact at multiple positions. There is no excuse for not being a top flight Pac-12 program every year with the talent in the program.

Ajax: If Hundley returns, I expect a Rose Bowl and/or National Title contention. Without Hundley, I would have to see how his replacement pans out after spring practice. With the talent returning, I think a QB that can manage the offense should at least be able to lead the Bruins to a PAC 12 South title.

DCBruins: Assuming Mora returns, I expect a PAC 12 south title and top 10 ranking.

AHMB: We're set up for conference title contention and potentially a BCS bowl.

10. Other than moments from the Southern Cal and Nebraska game (played under special circumstances) what is your favorite moment from this season?

Uclaluv: Those were my two favorite moments! I think getting to see the new talent we have. Myles doing everything. Adams as an elite returner. And Jordan's hits and energy in this last game.

bruinclassof10: My favorite moment other than the obvious two, was probably the Arizona game. Not a snowball's chance in hell, any of our previous coaches would've even let Jack touch the ball in practice, nevertheless a crucial road game.

Odysseus: Agreed, the Arizona game was fun and beating the Huskies on Friday night and the Rose Bowl victories were nice as well.

Achilles: It was all a blur. I would pick the AZ game but it's too obvious, LOL. What really jumped into my mind was whipping Cal. For some reason, I felt we owed them one from last year and we got payback.

gbruin: Myles Jack's long touchdown against Washington. That was awesome.

IE Angel: That Arizona game will stick with me a long time. Never seen a specialized package take over a game like that. It's was enthralling to witness as a fan. Also loved taking in games at the Rose Bowl and up in Palo Alto. Great experiences, especially the game at Palo Alto despite the result. Cool atmosphere.

Ajax: The Sun Bowl Win. Being there, I got to see how excited the team was to get that win. You can really tell that win #10 was something they really wanted, and to see their joy in achieving that goal was a lot of fun.

DCBruins: The doffense.

AHMB: I'm going to be sentimental here and say it was Coach Mora's on field interview after the Nebraska game. It was an emotional tribute that hit the notes all of us Bruins needed. I didn't know what to feel or expect going into that game, and Coach Mora honored Nick Pasquale perfectly.

11. What was your most frustrating moment from this past season?

Uclaluv: Being in the games against Furd and Oregon and then the play calling taking us out of the games. They were both winnable and it would have been awesome to pull them out.

bruinclassof10: The final drive of the ASU game. Someone forgot to tell Brett Hundley that he's Brett Hundley.

Odysseus: The first half and the final drive of the ASU game.

Achilles: Having Oregon run that fake punt against us and just seeing the seas part and them running for a long first down. It reminded me that some teams truly play with a go for broke approach and also that they didn't respect us. They were ready to turn the ball over to us deep in their own territory and weren't worried, like they knew we couldn't stop them. As cool with I am about the season as a whole and as much as I'm looking forward to next season, I'm well aware there is another level of football that we haven't quite reached yet.

gbruin: The first half against ASU. Playing badly against Stanford and getting outgunned by Oregon were disappointing, but weren't huge surprises. Playing that badly agaisnt ASU, with that much on the line, was very surprising. My hope is that, like with Cal and Baylor last year, the coaches learned from those mistakes (and indeed, Jack has been back on defense since, and we figured out how to beat a great D line against $c and Va Tech) and next time we get that opportunity, we won't play like that again.

IE Angel: The inability to create any offense against Stanford despite lots of opportunities to do so. The game was within reach for almost the entire game and just waiting for a big play from the Bruins to completely reverse momentum. Just never happened.

Ajax: Easy--ASU. I knew that winning at Palo Alto and/or Stanford were going to be tough tasks this season, but I really thought we should have beat ASU. Taking Jack off D for limited touches on O was a huge mistake by the staff. In fact, it may have cost us a shot at the Rose Bowl.

DCBruins. Watching the running game flounder.

AHMB: The Stanford game. It was winnable.

12. The Send Off

Uclaluv: Thank you Bruins for a great year! I loved going to Nebraska, it is a memory I will keep with me for a long time. I can't wait for spring practice!

bruinclassof10: Coach Mora and staff, UCLA Bruins football players and UCLA fans, thank you for making the 2013 season so memorable. Rest in Peace Nick Pasquale - you have the best seats to every game and without a doubt, you will never be forgotten.

Odysseus: Good year, and really two good years, it's good for UCLA football to be close to where it needs to be but we obviously want it to the next level. Only 240 days until the 2014 kickoff.

Achilles: I've bought in. Haven't have an off season with so much anticipation since 1997 became 1998. Also -- and this will seem weird -- I was okay with all of the losses this year. Not happy, of course. But we didn't lose to any crappy teams like we did last year. We played one really bad half against ASU and it cost us, but it's not like we played a crappy half against Colorado and it cost us.

gbruin: Looking back on the whole season, it was our best year since 1998, but that ended in such a disappointment with Miami (Melsby was down!!) and the beatdown by Wisconsin. So I haven't probably been this happy and hopeful at the end of a season since, I don't know, a really really long time. Thank you to the players and coaches who made that possible.

IE Angel: Been a great season and I look forward to focusing on the football program through basketball season and the summer. There is always news that is more pleasant on that front. Also congratulations to all the seniors leaving the football program, any players graduating early and any of those who declare for the draft.

Ajax: Another good year for Coach Mora and his staff. Things are definitely looking up for the Bruin football program. However, it's time to take the next step and go from a solid program to an elite program. Those of us that have been following this program for any amount of time deserve it. It's our time!

DCBruins. It is amazing to think that Anthony Barr is leaving and we have someone to take place who may be a better athlete and nearly as good a player in Myles Jack. The defense seems able to tolerate graduations and injuries. Here's to hoping we can get the offense to the same place.

AHMB: Hats off to the seniors who have gone through a pretty rough ride at UCLA. They were part of Coach Neuheisel's great class, and part of one of the most fun signing day that I've ever been a part of. Not that I was actually part of it, but I blogged about it! They're all good Bruins, and they'll always be part of a good Bruin family.