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The Drive: Episode 6 Preview and Open Thread

Here's a look at what to expect from the sixth episode of The Drive, which premieres tonight at 7pm on Pac-12 Networks. Bruins Nation found out what to expect from the show's producer, Jim Jorden.

As always, we are happy to get a glimpse of what to expect from this week's episode of The Drive from series producer Jim Jorden.

BN: It seems like you spotlight a player or group of players in almost every episode. Who is in the spotlight this week
JJ: The first segment is something I'm really excited about. We went, during the summertime, with Brett, Eldridge Massington and Librado Barocio and they went to Malibu Creek Canyon and they jumped off the rocks into the water. They had an exciting time. Something happened that was kind of funny.

What we did was we waited until we had an opportunity to sit down with the three of them to let them watch it like you'd watch your home movies. And, then we filmed them watching it which was funny. The situation was funny but watching their reaction was even more entertaining.

It really shows their friendship. It really shows what good guys they are. It's nice to have a friendship like that documented.

We just want to make it clear to everybody that Brett's not jumping off cliffs now with his elbow. It happened back in the Summer.

BN: What will we see from both UCLA and ASU prepping for last week's game?
JJ: We had a lot of good happenings with both teams. ASU, because they did the show last year, they let us come in during the week and we did a lot of their prep stuff. So the whole second block is ASU prep for UCLA. Then the third block is you get to see both staffs coach and react to stuff.

BN: Okay, is there anything really cool viewers will want to be looking for?
JJ: The footage from the game was particularly good. We got some new special cameras in. I shot some super high slow motion stuff. It's all shot from angles you never saw on TV. So that should be fun for fans.

Thanks to Jim Jorden for the inside look at this week's episode. If you have any questions about the show, post them in the comments. We will ask Jim about it next week!

This is your open thread for Episode 6 of "The Drive".

Go Bruins!