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Oregon Ducks at UCLA Bruins: Second Half Game Thread

Half a game down, Oregon leads UCLA 21-10. Can the Bruins come back?

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the most exciting part of the first half of the Oregon/UCLA game, courtesy of the SBN Mothership.

Yep. Settling for field goals, picking up dumb penalties, Eddie Vanderdoes throwing a punch and not getting kicked out of the game, sounds like a UCLA Football game under Jim Mora.  Or really, remove "Jim Mora" and put in any UCLA coach.

UCLA has to thank whatever maker you believe in for Brett Hundley, because if he was not a Bruin, this game would be beyond over.

UCLA picked up a late touchdown at the end of the first half, courtesy of Brett Hundley, and UCLA will receive to start the second half.  Hopefully the Bruins will use that momentum to continue moving down field on Oregon.

The Bruins are 8-11 on third down, Brett Hundley is 11/18 for 71 yards, Paul Perkins has 77 yards rushing, and Hundley has 68 yards running on 12 carries.

Let's get this.