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The Drive: Episode 8 Preview and Open Thread

Here's a look at what to expect from the eighth episode of The Drive, which premieres tonight at 7pm on Pac-12 Networks. Bruins Nation found out what to expect from the show's producer, Jim Jorden.

Series producer Jim Jorden gives us a glimpse into the eighth episode of The Drive.

BN: What are viewers going to see this week?
JJ: This week, the first block of the show is dealing with the disappointment of the Utah loss and then it transitions into a feature on Jordan Payton.

The second block starts off with Oregon and then it transitions into a feature on Jim Mora’s Count On Me Foundation.

BN: How do you make the transition from Oregon’s preparations into Jim Mora’s Count On Me Foundation?
JJ: That’s a great question. We ended the Oregon thing with a little thing about their quarterback and their coach spoke about their quarterback and Mora spoke about their quarterback and set up the game. The whole thing about the Count On Me Foundation is that they bus kids to the game each week. So you see the kids coming to the game and all the big hype for that.

BN: What other angles will viewers see that they didn’t see from home or in the stands?
JJ: Mostly just the footage. It’s not a very heavy week on sound. Just because of the nature of the game….The crowd wasn’t really into the game, obviously, once they fell behind. But, one aspect that did come out that’s a little bit different, while people may have thought that UCLA wasn’t going to come back, the team themselves never counted themselves out and they were strategizing how many points it would take and how often they would have to score to come back. I thought that’s a real sign of a winner. A winner is somebody who never quits no matter what the score is and you’ll see that in the show. They kept coming back. If they get the two-point conversions on two of those touchdowns, they’re within 8 points. If you look at college football this year, there have been so many miraculous comebacks, you never know. It’s not at all inconceivable that they could have come back.

BN: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
JJ: We didn’t, last week, show Jim Mora speaking in the locker room after the game. We decided to go with his post-game press conference instead. This week, we do have his post-game comments to the team. I think they’re pretty inspirational and I think they’re pretty showing of the mindset of where this team is and where they’re going to go. I thought that was pretty good. The post-game locker room, I was pretty happy with how that turned out.

Thanks to Jim Jorden for the inside look at this week's episode. If you have any questions about the show, post them in the comments. We will ask Jim about it next week!

This is your open thread for Episode 7 of "The Drive".

Go Bruins!