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Spaulding Report: Jeff Ulbrich and Noel Mazzone Speak to the Media

Yesterday, Noel Mazzone and Jeff Ulbrich were made available to the media, even though they didn't say much.

Thanks to Ryan Kartje from the OC Register.

Highlights or lowlights, since we haven't had any real insights in quite a while:

  • He knows Sonny Dykes from childhood.
  • The word execution was muttered.
  • We should probably move Brett around the pocket a bit more.  He actually joked "why would I do them again this week when it worked last week?"
  • He actually "read" somewhere that sometimes "gameplans are supposed to work" as he laughed.
  • Everyone did a "nice" job on the read option. Just so nice.
  • Eddie Vanderdoes is known as the Kung Fu Panda.  The Zone read play with Eddie is called "Panda."
  • We play football, not baseball, and he made a note not to use fastballs this week.
  • "Do you run  Brett less" since Paul Perkins is running well?" He'll see how it plays out.
Jeff Ulbrich and his luscious beard was next.

Thanks again, Ryan Kartje at the OC Register. You're the real MVP.

His talking points, as he is much less of a comedian than Mazz-ne.

  • He doesn't have an ego where things have to be done his way.
  • Cal's offense is explosive.
  • We can take some hints from Washington's defense on how to stop Cal.
  • The defense is a work in progress but they're starting to understand the defense. 25% of the guys are still tentative on Saturday, which is natural.  (and probably a bit alarming for a HIGH LEVEL FOOTBALL TEAM.)
  • Gave some love to his safeties.
  • Myles Jack is a pretty good player.  He was productive last week, and ultimately sees him as a great blitzer.  He sees his value as more behind the ball, and not as a pass rusher.
Also, interesting facts:

Can you name those two receivers WITHOUT google?

1,000 BN bucks to whomever can do it.

(BN bucks have no actual value and cannot be redeemed.)

Go Bruins.