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UCLA at Colorado - Second Half Game Thread

UCLA at the half leads Colorado 24-14. It should be more.

Justin Edmonds

After the first quarter, UCLA looked like they were ready to dominate. They were up 17-0, clicking on the run game, and Colorado just couldn't stop it. But Brett Hundley hasn't looked particularly sharp, sailing some throws, and slowly, Colorado crept back into the game, figuring out how to run, and how to make UCLA commit atrocious penalties, in particular two that negated interceptions.


The first half ended with Colorado, out of time outs, the clock running out, and no one on the field with the sense to spike the ball, as the game went into the half with UCLA up 24-14.

We can never have an easy win, can we?

Brett Hundley was 10 for 19 for 105 yards and 1 passing TD, and one costly fumble that nearly led to a Colorado score before the half. Paul Perkins has 143 yards on the ground on only 9 carries, and two touchdowns.

UCLA needs to clean up their act in the second half.

Let's go Bruins.