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Coaching Carousel Revolves Again: Gary Anderson Leaves Wisconsin for Oregon State Beavers and the Pac-12

Wait, what?

"think... think..."
"think... think..."
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The coaching carousel has spun, with Oregon State filling their vacant head coaching position with Gary Anderson from Wisconsin.

No, really.

Wisconsin and Barry Alvarez are in shock:

Anderson may have wanted out:

First, congratulations to Oregon State.  Not only did they move swiftly in replacing Mike Riley, they actually landed a college football coach with actual experience and an overall winning record, going 30-9 while at Wisconsin and Utah State, and won the Big Ten West this year.  Makes you wonder what exactly is going on in the Morgan Center and with Dan that the best person they found at the time of our last football coaching search was an NFL retread with a losing record.

We have many natural advantages over OSU (sorry scotty) that coaches should want to line up for a chance to coach at UCLA, yet our last three coaching hires have been less impressive than OSU's one hire.  That falls squarely on the administration and on Dan Guerrero.

Second, kudos to Oregon State to actually listening to the rumblings in the coaching sphere and pouncing on Anderson and selling him on their program and the Pac-12.

As per OSU's statement:

"Gary is a winner. He is a man of integrity and substance. He has extensive West Coast ties and knows the landscape of the Pac-12 conferences, having coached at current conference member Utah. He is part of the Urban Meyer coaching tree.

"He and his staff will teach offense and defense, and life lessons about values and character. They will guide our student-athletes to success in life and careers upon leaving Oregon State.

We can only speculate as to why Anderson would leave a major name like Wisconsin for Oregon State but the trend for coaches in the Pac-12 is definitely swinging upward, with Chris Petersen joining the conference this season and now Gary Anderson.

Also, I'm sure Alvarez, who has probably already made five phone calls to legit head coaching prospects, will find someone that will build on Wisconsin's football heritage because he knows what it takes keep football relevant.

Meanwhile, our AD is probably patting himself on the back for heading to a bowl after the 1st of January. Apparently little goals are enough.

Go Bruins. Congratulations, OSU. Welcome to the Pac-12, Mr. Anderson.