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UCLA Football: Coaches Jim Mora and Jeff Ulbrich and Owamagbe Odighizuwa Speak to the Media; Brett Hundley's Finger Fine

UCLA returned to the practice field for a UCLA on UCLA practice. By the way, Zach Whitley is still a Bruin.

Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA held practice today, and it was a regular practice, without an emphasis on Kansas State.

Thanks to Ryan Kartje at the OC Register.

Kansas State prep will not fully begin until after finals next week, with the schemes installed before the kids leave for Christmas, and return on the 27th, fly to San Antonio on the 28th, and get back into their regular practice routine leading up to the Alamo Bowl.

He hasn't had a chance to reflect on the season because he's in recruiting mode, but he did a small reflection on Brett Hundley's amazing career and that this last game will be important for him and his legacy.  On a normal football schedule, the team is given 24 hours to ponder over their last game, but the Stanford game has lingered and it still hurts, it needs to hurt, and they know they lost an opportunity.

Take how Paul Perkins is taking it:

Mora then reiterated how great it was for Kendricks to win the Butkus award, and that Scott Quessenberry told Mora that it was one of the best moments of his life. Mora wasn't there that day, as he was out recruiting, but the Butkus award was on the plane with him, and may have been trotted out on a few recruiting trips.

Mora also brought up there was never confusion with UCLA about Zach Whitley's status and he's still a Bruin.

Coach Ulbrich spoke to the media today, and the most interesting part was probably around Coach Mora and his name being mentioned for possible openings.

Thanks to Ryan Kartje of the OC Register.

People text Ulbrich about "How's Ann Arbor?" but he's convinced Coach Mora loves it at UCLA and he's built a pretty nice house down in Manhattan Beach, plus his kids are staying close for college.

He spoke about Eric Kendricks winning the Butkus Award, what a great moment it was for Kendricks and the team, and it certainly hasn't hurt on the recruiting front. (LB U, yo.) He did speak about how difficult it will be to replace Kendricks when he leaves but he feels that is the question you should have every year, or "you're not doing it right."

He also answered questions about his first year as the defensive coordinator, especially around the not so stellar pass rush, and was overall as honest as you'd expect a guy to be without saying he might not have been ready for this job.

Owamagbe Odighizuwa also spoke to the media, and reflected on his time at UCLA and his upcoming final game:

Thanks again to Ryan Kartje of the OC Register.

He wanted to maximize his opportunities this season for the NFL, and while it didn't go the way he wanted early in the season, he made the most of his chances to prove that he is an asset to the team.  He is also on track to graduate before the combine.

Owa mentioned the football program has changed since he arrived, saying the mindset has changed the most, especially how football is perceived and handled here.  VERY interesting comment, if you think about it for a minute, and what he could be implying about the Athletic Department.

In Brett Hundley injury news, his hand is fine. He held it up for reporters to look at and they couldn't tell which hand was injured. The swelling has reduced and he should be fine by the Alamo Bowl.

He is also not coming back.

We knew.

Go Bruins.