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UCLA Football's Brett Hundley Gets A Scouting Report Courtesy of NDT Scouting

Arguably the best quarterback in UCLA's history gets an unbiased evaluation based on game film and not media narrative from NDT Scouting.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

While all UCLA Bruins fans are waiting for bowl season to start, the most unsurprising "news" of the year broke in Brett Hundley borderline officially declaring for the NFL Draft after completing his redshirt junior regular season at UCLA. This despite the fact that it was made clear to anyone with ears or common sense at Hundley's press conference nearly one year ago that 2014 was going to be his final season as a Bruin.

Regardless, this led to one of the more respectable NFL Draft prospect evaluation sources, NDT Scouting, recently having one of their scouts dig in to some Brett Hundley film and they shared a number of thoughts on #17.

These are mostly embedded tweets which will occasionally be separated by some of my own thoughts.

Let's get to it:

This was one area where Jake Brendel did visibly improve this season, I will say. His case of the yips seemed to alleviate in 2014.

This offensive game was absolutely brutal to watch. Mazzone and Klemm had no clue what to do against UVA's defense.

And these drops certainly did not help things.

Ideally you would like to not have two unblocked defenders rushing through the middle of the line on a short yardage situation.

Also, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE WRs? This is a 1-yard conversion attempt and there is no WR in the screen.

The big league arm is probably Hundley's greatest tool. Can make any throw from anywhere. Has to have the best arm strength in the entire class, certainly of the top 5 QBs.

Remember this throw as well. First "Wow!" play of the season for me.

Showing off the criminally underused back shoulder ball that Hundley is more than solid at.

Seriously though, look at just Hundley's bottom half on that throw. The mechanics are occasionally sloppy but once he has an actual QB coach and gets that cleaned up, that is the QB you are looking at. A player that can make that throw.

The tape does not equal the narrative that people have been trotting out on Brett. It is nice to see informed people catching on to this once they actually watch Hundley play quarterback.

Is he flawed? Certainly. Clearly behind Marcus Mariota as a QB prospect. Behind Jameis Winston as well, but is so far ahead of Winston as a human being that they could be a toss up to a team.

But this is a quarterback whom can do anything and can represent an organization with character on and off the field.

Outside of Mariota and Teddy Bridgewater there are no QBs from the last three drafts I would take over Brett Hundley.

Look forward to getting one of these about Eric Kendricks and (potentially) Jordan Payton as well, NDT Scouting are already seeing things they like.

Go Bruins!