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Jim Mora to San Francisco 49ers Rumor-Speculation Officially Begins

The rumor/speculation about UCLA coach Jim Mora returning to San Francisco 49ers officially begins.

Yoohoo! Hello? Is that you Jed?
Yoohoo! Hello? Is that you Jed?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports's Peter King – one of NFL's most plugged in reporters close to the leagues owners, coaches etc – officially started 49ers/Mora speculation in his weekly column this AM:

York said Sunday night that Baalke would be in charge of the coaching search. And boy, will there be pressure on the next head coach. I hear a few things: Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will be interviewed, and he has a chance to get the permanent job; Fangio is very well-respected within the building, and in particular on the staff. I hear Baalke may have interest in UCLA coach Jim Mora, who was San Francisco's defensive coordinator for five years (1999-2003). And I hear the offensive staff, at least most of it, is likely to be purged-though Baalke and/or York could make a couple of aides (offensive line coach Mike Solari, running backs coach Tom Rathman) part of the deal for the new coach.

If UCLA had a competent AD in place we'd be very excited about it. It would mean that the Bruins could go after coaching talents such as Kyle Whittingham who is not happy at Utah and would probably excel at UCLA. But we are stuck with Guerrero who'd probably promote the Mazzone clowns or Adrian Klemm for the sake of "saving a recruiting class."

The question really is this.  Are the 49ers this stupid to go after someone who was a proven failure in the NFL, after chasing a guy out who had them a play away from winning it all?