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UCLA's Mora Drawing NFL Interest: What If He Says Yes?

Mora Says He's Staying, But What If Jed York, Woody Johnson Or Another Owner Makes Him An Offer He Can't Refuse? How Long Could You Actually Work For Guerrero?

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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

-- Benjamin Franklin (as quoted by Coach John Wooden)

Well, that quote has proven itself enough through the years. Most recently, it showed its ugly head at the conclusion of UCLA's 2012-13 Men's Basketball season when AD Dan Guerrero showed us how ill-prepared he was during the search for a new men's basketball coach by when he hired Coach Howland's successor.

With the way that catastrophe is working, do we REALLY trust Guerrero to replace another head coach for one of our revenue sports? The obvious response is a resounding "Hell, No!"

Well, friends, that why Bruins Nation is here: to show Dan what he should be doing at any given moment.

So, the question is, besides trying to find a way out of the buyout clause in that horrific contract extension he gave Alford, what should Dan be doing now?

Another softball question! Of course, he should be developing a list of football coaching candidates in the event that Coach Jim Mora decides that he's done working for Dan or that the Niners, Raiders, or Jets offer him so much money that he just can't say no to them.

Understand this: I'm not suggesting that Coach Mora shouldn't be taken at his word or that I necessarily believe the rumors that he is drawing interest from other teams. That happens when you're successful.

Ultimately, I think he will stay at UCLA in an attempt to finish what he has started building. I tend to agree with Caleb Benenoch's assessment, as tweeted by Ryan Kartje of the OC Register.

But....what if the Yorks, Mark Davis or Woody Johnson back up a Brinks truck in Redondo come Saturday morning?

Again, I'm not saying Coach Mora won't still say no, but what if one or more of them does that? What if he trades "U! C! L! A! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" for "J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!"?

The Guerrero Way would suggest that one of our current assistant coaches like Adrian Klemm or Nel Mazzne would be promoted. Why? Because it's expedient and can be easily sold to big money donors as continuing what Coach Mora has started.

But the lost opportunity of this season has proven that no one on the current staff deserves to be promoted to UCLA Head Coach if the position should become open.

This leaves us wondering: "Who would be the best replacement for Coach Mora in the event that he does decide to leave?"

Kyle Whittingham of Utah appears to be a favorite of the moderators here at BN. But, the fact that he currently coaches in the Pac-12 could prove problematic in luring him to Westwood.

We've consistently preferred our head football coach have a proven track record as a head coach. But does that mean we should overlook someone like Oregon OC Scott Frost whose offense has consistently thrashed Mora's defensive units?

Who do you think should be at the top of Dan Guerrero's list if he is forced to make an unplanned football hire? Discuss.