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UCLA Football: Catching Up With Eric Kendricks

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Ralph Irvin checks in with UCLA's rising senior LB Eric Kendricks in between off-season workouts.

First it was Brett Hundley. Last Friday Ralph caught up UCLA's rising senior and and who will likely be the heart and soul of Bruin defense - MLB Eric Kendricks - in between Bruins' off-season workouts.

The interview is fairly generic but it's good to see Eric in really good spirits as he continues to rehab from injury that kept him out of the bowl game. Eric led the conference in tackling two years and despite missing couple of games he was among the leaders in tackling this past season. As the MLB he is in charge of calling the defensive signals and with his leadership the Bruin defense is expected to take another step up next season.

Eric also shared his thoughts on his former position coach Jeff Ulbrich taking over the DC position. Enjoy.