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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - UCLA Football Class of 2014 Gets this Rivalry Started with Southern Cal

The Class of 2014 starts their rivalry with Southern Cal early.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Were you on Twitter last night? Do you follow any of the incoming football freshmen? It may be time to consider it, as the Class of 2014 got a head start on the "contentious relationship" with their counterparts at Southern Cal last night.

It was, in honor of Jordan Lasley's twitter handle, who was the ringleader, legend - wait for it - DARY.

It started relatively innocently. Lasley mentioned a conversation he had with Southern Cal commit Jonathan Lockett, which is inspiring him to politely, kick his ass.

So he kept picking on Lockett, which to his credit, of which we give very little to most Southern Cal football players, didn't respond other than to giggle.

That's fighting words.

Of course, the idiots of Twitter jumped in, and Lasley started to have his fun.

Former UCLA Commit John Plattenburg jumped in and Lasley gave him the treatment.

More fighting words.

Jaleel Wadood jumped in to defend his teammate:

So attention turned to him, and he simply put it this way:

Caleb Benenoch, the Class of 2013 twitter king and agitator, enjoyed the madness:

Southern Cal fans tried touting ancient history, but Wadood was not interested:

This class intends to keep that streak going.

After a while, Lasley had enough, and returned to being a student-athlete, something Southern Cal doesn't understand:

This is a close group coming in this fall, and they're ready to fight for each other.

Let's hope they all can back up their talk in the fall. Go Bruins.

Is it football season yet?