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UCLA Football: Watch Third Week of Spring Ball Highlights

Third week highlights from UCLA's 2014 spring football practice.

Well -- we are now in our last week (4) of Spring Football. We are going to be entering the nuclear winter zone of college sports after this Saturday's spring scrimmage (#SpringShowcase) [especially with baseball not looking so hot these days].

So enjoy every bit of football news you can get these next few days. Here are the quick cuts from Week 3 of spring ball which includes some of the following highlights [BTW the official guys who are reading this post, you may want to make sure the typo in title of the video is edited on YouTube]:

  • Nice runs after catches by run by Jordan Payton (#9), Paul Perkins (#24), Thomas Duarte (#18), and Steven Manfro (#33)
  • Kenny Walker (#10) burned Priest Willis (#15) by just racing past him.
  • Kenny Clark (#97) just looked nasty in one of the drills.
  • An awesome one-handed catch by no. 19 who is listed on the roster as Zach Hernandez, 6-1, 180 R. Sophomore WR from Oaks Christian.

Bruins practiced without pads tonight - we will have a roundup tomorrow AM.

Of course if you were at practice, feel free to share your thoughts, notes in the comments or throw it up as fan posts.