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UCLA Football: 2014 #SpringShowcase Open Thread

An open thread for the Bruins spring game at the StubHub Center.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The UCLA Bruins will wrap up their spring football practices with the Spring Showcase this evening at the StubHub Center in Carson at 5 PM. TIckets are $10 at the gate if you weren't able to get the $5 pre-order deal. Coach Mora's goal is 20,000 strong, which is a tad unrealistic but it should be a great turnout and an outstanding day for UCLA football to be in the spotlight.

You can also catch the whole thing on the Pac-12 Network at 5 PM. Here's a Pac-12 Network channel finder, if you don't already know where to catch it.

Unlike the last few years, according to Coach Mora, there will be a legitimate 4-quarter, live contact game on Saturday. Supposedly, 12 minute quarters with a running clock and full speed for everything but kickoff returns (tag-off on the returner) and punt returns (fair catches).

On the defensive side, DE/DT Eddie Vanderdoes (broken foot), CB Johnny Johnson (shoulder), ILB Zach Whitley (Senior prom in Texas, I believe) and ILB Eric Kendricks (ankle surgery) will not be playing.

On the offensive side OT Simon Goines (leg), Y/TE Thomas Duarte (ankle) and WR Devin Fuller (back) will be held out.

Obviously, there are others but those are the key contributors that won't suit up until the Bruins head to San Bernardino and, more importantly, all of these players are expected to be at 100% once Fall Camp starts.

Share your thoughts as you watch on TV or in person down in Carson and take a quick look at Pride Alley in the video below to get the football juices flowing once again. As always, Go Bruins!