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UCLA Football: Myles Jack on Leadership & Bruins' New Defensive Coordinator

Myles Jack met the press after Monday night's practice. Jack Wang as the video:

Jack offered some quick thoughts comparing new defensive Coach Ulbrich to his predecessor Lou Spanos (who left for the NFL for another positional gig this past off-season). Jack called "Coach Brich" more "organized," detailed oriented and more "strict" compared to Spanos. Hmm.

Jack also talked about taking on more leadership role with the team as he said that he as more responsibility as a returning starter. According to him Ulbrich is putting on more responsibility on him not just to be in complete command and control over his roles/assignments but also be aware of his team-mates roles. He is also being look upon to lead the team until Senior star Eric Kendricks makes his return from off-season surgery (hopefully by Fall).